What is WeekendHorsepower.com?

It is a blog dedicated to listing quality and reasonably priced weekend race cars for sale to use with racing organizations such as scca or nasa, for on track, auto cross or hpde. We spend our time searching the internet to find race cars for sale so you don’t have to, yet get a webpage to see all the great cars we have found. You might be wondering what we look for, well here is an example of what we are not looking for, any top dollar garage queen. Brake dust covered wheels and stripped interiors the signs of a car being used for racing of any kind, that is what we like to see on race cars. It does not matter if you are new to racing and just want to find yourself a dedicated car to use for hpde or a full class ready spec Miata race car we cover the whole field helping you to find that race car that will fit your needs.

Do you know of a race car for sale, or even looking to sell your own?

Send it into us to see if it makes the cut, we are always looking for other eyes out there to help us locate WeekendHorsepower.com worthy cars. We like it when our users are able to help us to find a gem that we overlooked or didn’t see just send an email to cars@weekendhorsepower.com with any details you know about the car or just use our contact form here.

Who are we?

Enthusiast like you who just want to race cars the way they were built to be driven, getting pushed to the limit in a safe and controlled environment on a track, auto x course, or even a rally stage. We enjoy being in the drivers seat as much as just being in the race environment with the smell of exhaust fumes, burning tires and the 110 degree track temperature. You might catch us at some nasa, scca or grassroots motorsports $2k challenge events as a spectator or even a racer, so keep an eye out for us.